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More than 150 medical conditions, from the comparatively trivial to the most serious, are covered in this site. The diseases and conditions are described with complete information and the symptoms listed for easier recognition of what may be wrong. With this site you have a chance to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations. Wherever possible we have given information to treating the problems successfully, and also indicate when expert medical help is really needed and how soon. I hope you will find that what was planned for this site - to make it complete, direct and practical, with a format to enable you to find what you need quickly - is realized and valuable to you. This guide clearly is intended to provide information on all common diseases and health conditions with symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment methods.

This site has been organised for quick and handy reference for every family and provideseffective cures for nearly all common - both acute and chronic diseases, and related information. Readers are welcome to use the information given in this site. However, i would advise them to read carefully before applying them to cure of their diseases. One should thoroughly understand the method he is adopt, otherwise he may falter.

There are a number of diseases, some serious, others not so serious which are either incurable or can be cured only with great difficulty. Victims of such diseases run from one door to another in search of remedial medicines. There are not many doctors who would publicity accept the inadequancy or futility of their medicines in such diseases. Therefore, medicines continue to be dumped into the atomachs of unwary patients. Such incurable or difficult to cure diseases and conditions, however, be easily controlled and their distressing symptoms eradicated with simple physical measures. Indeed a lot of time and money would be saved by following the simple measures advocated in this site.

The modern way of living has made us humans susceptible or vulnerable to a number of troublesome diseases. We have provided and described proven methods to prevent or control such dreadful diseases. We have providedup-to-date information on all aspects of health, and in this site we have described over hundreds of disorders and discussed their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Although the old mystique surrounding medicines is disappearing, people are still hungrey for a greater understanding of health and illness.

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