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Darkcircles under eyes

Dark under eye circles can be caused by fatigue, poor circulation, extra-thin skin under the eyes, hyper-pigmentation, illness or allergies Dark circles under the eyes are an extremely common and distressing issue. Like varicose veins, dark circles under the eyes are usually an inherited trait. If you have dark circles, there is a good chance that others in your family also have them. Sometimes under-eye darkening is the result of a chronic skin condition such as atopic eczema Dark circles under eyes may also be due to aging which thins the skin around the eyes The presence of dark circles with or without under eye bags is a common complaint often accompanied by a high degree of frustration. Since starting my new eating plan I have noticed that a hard white lump I had on my arm has vanished- it had been there for years and nothing seemed to get rid of it- now it has gone Dark circles under the eyes are known to be a classic symptom of an allergy, together with a host of other signs including edema and fatigue. ! When you have those big dark half-moons under your eyes, an objective observer is likely to guess your age as 8-12 years older than without those under-eye blemishes Dark According to Chinese Medicine, dark circles under the eyes relate to our kidneys, which are seen as the foundation of our vitality. Sufficient sleep is one of the simplest remedies recommended.

Dark circles under the eyes have always been considered a sign of late nights and lack of sleep Dark circles under the eyes are common but usually not permanent. They're often due to temporary changes in the blood vessels under the eyes. Fatigue usually doesn't play a role. My brother and father are also afflicted. I'm told they are hereditary and for me they have never gone away. My only medical problems have been recurrent mastitis (breast infection) as I am breastfeeding. In western medicine, the kidneys are connected to the adrenal glands and with stress levels in life being so high, these glands are very often exhausted. Darkcircles might get warse with age due to puffiness under the eye are through extra pigmenition

Causes of Darkcircles under eyes

Common causes of Darkcircles under eyes :

  • Kidney energetic deficiency (Chinese Medicine)
  • Lack of sleep
  • A variety of factors, both common and uncommon, can influence or cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Food allergies or sensitivities can also contribute to dark circles.
  • don't care so much about oxidizing hemoglobin - they're more interested in learning more about hormonal causes or the link between allergies and dark circles.
  • An improper diet, an unbalanced diet or lack of a nutritious diet can cause dark circles under the eye.
  • Sometimes the dark circles are actually excess pigment in the skin of the lower eyelids, as if the skin had a huge freckle that covered much of the lower eyelid skin.
  • A lack of sleep or excessive tiredness can cause the skin under the eyes to become pale, thus, making the blood flowing under it visible.
  • Fluid Retention

Treatment of Darkcircles under eyes

  • Light defusers such as Touche Eclat by YSL and similar products by other well know cosmetic companies.
  • The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona, suggests using a product formulated with nourishing ingredients such as elastin, collagen and Vitamin E.
  • .It will remove and lighten discoloration under the eyes.
  • The second product is a concealer to hide small scars and imperfections. Do not use a heavy looking product as it can drag down slightly on the skin, that can be aging especially in older men.
  • We know that we have the best remedies and beauty treatment to get rid of dark circle under eyes

Prevention Tips

  1. Concealing the dark circles through make up techniques.
  2. Do not use bleach or peels to make the dark circles light.
  3. Treat the cause of illness mentioned above.
  4. Sleep for sufficiently long hours.
  5. Do not scratch the under eye skin.
  6. Diet, which is rich in nutrients.
  7. Lightly tap the under eye skin with one or two fingers to
  8. Increase the blood circulation.

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