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Conjunctivitis Home Remedies - Get Rid of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of conjunctiva of the eye. The disease is especially endemic in North India since the dry and wann climate suits the dissemination of this virus and usually we see massive conjunctivitis epidemics in the months of summer and rainy seasons. Pink eye may make you feel as if you've got something in one or both of your eyes that you just can't remove. It is a fairly common condition and usually causes no danger to the eye or your child's vision. The three most common types of conjunctivitis are: viral , allergic , and bacterial . Each requires different treatments. With the exception of the allergic type, conjunctivitis is typically contagious. In most cases of adult or childhood conjunctivitis, treatment with topical antibiotics is initiated without cultures. If the ophthalmologist elects for cultures, antibiotic therapy is usually initiated and treatment changed later, as necessary, depending on culture results. Pink eye may be more serious if you have a condition that decreases your ability to fight infection (impaired immune system), and or vision in only one eye or you wear contact lenses. Gonococcal conjunctivitis requires intravenous or intramuscular antibiotics in addition to topical therapy.

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common and treatable eye infections in children and adults. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies such as hay fever, and irritants in the environment. With antibiotic treatment, it typically goes away without complications. Although bacterial and some of the viral infections (particularly herpes) are not very common, they are potentially serious. Both types of infection are contagious. The viral type is often associated with an upper respiratory tract infection, cold, or sore throat. The allergic type occurs more frequently among those with allergic conditions. Allergic conjunctivitis may also be caused by intolerance to substances such as cosmetics, perfume, or drugs. Bacterial conjunctivitis is often caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus. Inflammation causes small blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become more prominent, resulting in a pink or red cast to the whites of your eyes. Pink eye and red eye are terms commonly used to refer to all types of conjunctivitis. Irritants are another cause of conjunctivitis.  Offenders of this type include air pollutants, smoke, soap, hairspray, makeup, chlorine, cleaning fluids, etc. But because pink eye can be contagious, it should be diagnosed and treated early. This is especially important for preschool-age children, who commonly develop both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis.

Herbal Medicines and Natural Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Raw juices of carrot and spinach have been found to be very useful in conjunctivitis. The juice of Indian gooseberry mixed with honey is highly advantageous in conjunctivitis.

Foods rich in Vitamin A and B2 should be taken in large quantities. Foods rich in Vitamin A are whole milk, curds, butter, carrot, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes. Food rich in vitamin B2 are green leafY vegetables, milk, almonds, citrus fruits and bananas.

A decoction prepared with a handful of dried coriander in 60 ml of water is an excellent eye wash in conjunctivitis. It relieves burning and reduces pain and swelling.

The patient should avoid an excessive intake of starchy and sugary foods in the fonn of white bread, refined cereals, potatoes, puddings, sugar, jams, meats, fatty foods, strong tea and coffee etc.

A cold water fomentation of the eyes provides almost immediate relief. The procedure is to fold a small hand towel, saturate it with cold water, squeeze out excess water and place the towel gently over both the eyes. The patient may also do various eye exercises which include moving the eyes gently up and down, from side to side and in a circle, clockwise and anticlockwise. Palming is highly beneficial in reducing strain and relaxing the eyes.

The patient should avoid eye strain by not watching excess of television and reading.

The patient should protect eyes from sunlight by wearing sun glasses.

The bowels should not be allowed to become constipated. Mild laxatives may be taken.






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