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Swimmer's Ear Home Remedies - Get Rid of Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's ear is an inflammation, irritation, or infection of the outer ear and ear canal. When water is trapped in the ear canal, bacteria that normally inhabit the skin and ear canal multiply, causing infection and irritation of the ear canal. You're protected by your ear's shape, which tips fluid out, and by its lining, which has acidic properties that protect against bacteria and fungi. Most of the time, water can run in and out of the ear canal without causing a problem. For instance, you don't usually get swimmer's ear from taking baths or showers. Dry skin or eczema , scratching the ear canal, vigorous ear cleaning with cotton-tipped applicators, or inserting foreign objects like bobby pins or paper clips into the ear can all increase the risk of developing otitis externa. Swimmer's ear is an infection of your outer ear and ear canal. Another common cause is excessive and improper cleaning of wax from the ears. Not only does wax protect the ear canal from excess moisture, but it also harbors friendly bacteria. It can be associated with a middle ear infection (otitis media) if the eardrum ruptures. People with diabetes or those whose immune systems are weakened can develop a more worrisome form of the disorder that might require hospitalization for intensive medical treatment.

This is a fungal infection that often afflicts the ear of a person who spends a lot of time in water, a swimmer or a diver. The patient complains of severe itching and occasionally there is a discharge from the ear. The moisture can cause the skin inside the ear canal to dry out and flake. A break in the skin, which may result from trying to scratch the persistent itch of the dry and flaky skin, can allow bacteria or (more rarely) a fungus to invade the tissue of the ear canal and cause an infection. Usually, when people say a kid has an ear infection, they mean otitis media (say: me -dee-uh), an infection of the middle ear. This might happen when the kid gets a cold Because the condition occurs most often during the summer with exposure of the ear to water while swimming, many people call it swimmer's ear. Water from a bath or shower can trigger the condition, too. Bacteria get a chance to grow when water stays in the ear canal and it washes away the protective coating of earwax. A lot of swimming can wash away that wax protection and lead to these wet conditions in the ear canal. Bacteria grow and the ear canal gets red and swollen. Usually, self-care steps can relieve the symptoms of swimmer's ear. However, a severe case of swimmer's ear will require a trip to your doctor.

Herbal Medicines and Natural Home Remedies for Swimmer's Ear

After a swim use a blow dryer for thirty seconds. .Wear earplugs when you go for swimming.

A few drops of alcohol will kill germs in your ear.

Equal drops of alcohol and white vinegar, if put in the ear will kill fungus and bacteria.










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