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How Important Are Your Teeth

Every time you are getting your picture taken, everyone screams out,’ say cheese! Smile!’ So every time you have our picture taken, you open your mouth wide and expose your teeth. Looking at the picture, you see a happy you – the healthier the teeth the happier someone looks. Why is this so?

Well, it is because your teeth are important in numerous ways and as such, if you take care of them, they will most certainly take care of you. Strong and healthy teeth will have you chewing down the right kinds of foods that you require to grow healthy, they help you speak out clearly and needless to say, help you look good. But how exactly does taking care of your teeth guarantee you of all the above benefits?

Taking care of your teeth helps you keep at by dental diseases such as gingivitis, pyorrhea which are very uncomfortable. Gingivitis for instance, causes your gum to swell, turn red and sore. This without a doubt will make having your meals troublesome let alone smile confidently. Medical experts also have over years liked poor oral hygiene to heart diseases, digestion problems mouth cancer and the like.

Now that we know why healthy teeth are important, let us have a look at some of the good oral health practices that you could follow to ensure that your teeth remain in tip top shape.

First and foremost, change the toothbrush that you are using at the very least every two or three months. If you are using an electric brush, change the head. This is important as over time toothbrushes become weak and inefficient and accumulate with bacteria which you will only transfer to your mouth. When brushing, you should ensure that you place the bush at an angle of 45-degrees to the gums and the use a circular motion rather than a back and forth one.

If you are big on quaffing wine (especially red wine), black tea or smoking you should expect to end up with not so bright teeth. Dark juices, gravies and colas can also darken your teeth. One golden rule to follow, if it is dark before you gobble it down, it will stain your teeth’. As such, you should brush immediately after having such drinks using an effective bleaching agent.

Most often than not, many people brush their teeth and forget to clean their tongues. Well, this may cost you. It is vital that you remember to get of the plaque that accumulates on the tongue lest you end up with bad breath and not so healthy teeth. Using a tongue scraper for this will prove much more effective than a toothbrush.

Last but definitely not least, eat what people refer to as detergent foods. Detergent foods are those that are crisp or firm and help to clean the teeth as they are being eaten. Examples of such foods are like raw carrots, apples, popcorns and celery. To get the best results, and when you know you will not be able to brush your teeth after a meal, make sure that you eat the detergent food last.



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