AG James warns CVS and Walgreens not to refuse requests for reproductive health products


New York Attorney General Letitia James has targeted CVS and Walgreens chains after receiving reports from other states that pharmacy workers allegedly refused to supply customers with contraceptives, condoms, contraceptives emergency and other reproductive health medications.

James sent letters to the management of both companies reminding them that it is illegal in New York to deny customers prescription or over-the-counter drugs or products related to reproductive health care. James also asked the companies for any documentation showing whether they were tracking these denials and/or whether these prescriptions and over-the-counter sales were made in a timely manner.

“Pharmacies have a responsibility to protect the health of New Yorkers, including providing medicines and reproductive health care products,” James said. “The actions taken by some CVS and Walgreens employees in other states have raised nationwide concerns and raised serious questions that need to be addressed. Let’s be clear: I will not accept that New Yorkers be denied access to essential health products and services. I am proud to defend the reproductive rights of New Yorkers and will always fight to preserve access to birth control and other reproductive health medications and options.

James’ office recently launched a pro bono legal hotline to provide legal advice and resources to patients, healthcare providers and supporters seeking information about their legal rights to access and provide abortions. . The hotline is free and available in the 12 most commonly spoken languages ​​in New York.

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