Asymptomatic medicine: Good preventive health management

Dr. Antonio G. Calanoc – The Philippine Star

October 25, 2022 | 00:00

MANILA, Philippines – In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta to open up access to the Metaverse. In addition, Russian scientists created in the early 2000s Metatron to open access to the universe of the human body.

Since 1990, research on the bioresonance method of diagnosis and therapy has been carried out at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics in Omsk.

They have created a nonlinear diagnostics hardware software system called Metatron, which is an unparalleled diagnostic method of screening for dysfunctional changes in the body. It allows you to get the maximum information about the patient’s state of health in a short period of examination.

Physician Dr. Antonio Calanoc brings Metatron bioresonance diagnostics to the Philippines, which makes accurate diagnosis of future diseases possible and paves the way for optimal preventive treatment of patients.

Calanoc was hosted by Dr. Vera Ivanovna Nesterova, President of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) of Japan.

The main purpose of a doctor is not only to treat the symptoms of disease, but also to teach a person to be healthy.

When a patient visually and dynamically assesses the change in his state of health, he begins to take responsibility for it. And the doctor will have more detailed and complete medical information to guide him in the management of the case.

Metatron can be used to detect pathologies in the early stages of development so that it becomes possible to sensitize a patient to the disease before they become symptomatic, when it is often too late.

We are dealing with quite different objectives and offer a preventative system. These systems allow us to prevent and eliminate all preconditions for disease so that the quality of life changes completely.

We can avoid disease.

Metatron is a computerized system that itself performs rapid diagnostics. Unlike a therapist, a device never tires or errs; it will report what it decodes, including hundreds of variations of prevalent human emotions at the time of the exam.

The results are all AI/Algorithms, so the human factor or error is eliminated.

You can test hundreds to thousands of patients, and the results will be as accurate as possible. There is no fatigue or human factor on the part of the medical examiner, and the ultimate beneficiaries are the patients.

It can be used in clinics, medical and research centers, LGU hospitals and clinics, and in remote areas where there is broadband signal, and it can be transmitted to any place within the frame. of telemedicine.

This technology is in no way opposed to traditional medicine, but a complementary way to help the doctor and the patient.

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Dr. Antonio G. Calanoc, FPOA, FPCS, is an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Asian Hospital and Medical Center. He is also President and Medical Director of Immunitas Holistic Consultants Inc.


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