Emirates Health Services presents three major projects worth Dhs 53.7 million


The Emirates Health Services (EHS) Board recently presented three major projects worth Dhs 53.7 million which are expected to be completed by December this year.

According to the state news agency, W.A.M.The board discussed progress in implementing the following projects: community mental health, virtual healthcare using the metaverse (Metahealth) and an integrated revenue cycle management (RCM) system.

Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Olama, Chairman of the EHS Board of Directors, said: “We strive to significantly advance the healthcare services we provide by adopting cutting-edge technologies, developing protocols of treatment and upholding the highest standards of medical services, in line with the UAE’s leading position on the global health map.

“The strategy we have developed is in line with government policies and consistent with national strategies, which aim to grow government operations, drive digital transformation in the healthcare services sector, meet the highest international standards and adopt the latest cutting-edge medical technologies.”

Dr. Yousif Mohamed AlSerkal, Chief Executive Officer of EHS, said, “The EHS Board meeting was intended to discuss the implementation of the three projects and establish specific plans and timelines for them. , in line with Emirates Health Services’ vision to be a global leader in delivering the highest quality healthcare services and improving the quality of life of people through health and proactive and integrated treatment. Our goal is to establish a healthcare system equipped with the latest advanced healthcare and treatment technologies, and a working environment that values ​​professionalism, skills and talent.

The three projects and what they involve
Community mental health aims to improve community mental health services, including prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and improving the quality of life of individuals, in accordance with international best practices.

The objectives of the project are to open specialized units for mental health services, in partnership with the private sector, including the “Halfway Villas” – the first of their kind in the Middle East – as well as a network of digital health clinics mental health and a health helpline.

The opening and operation of specialized mental health units in primary health care centers and hospitals is part of the plan.

Enabling virtual healthcare using the metaverse (Metahealth) will make Emirates Health Services the first health authority in the world to launch healthcare services in the metaverse. The objective of the project is to develop health services and improve the customer experience, taking advantage of advanced 3D, virtual reality and metaverse technologies.

The integrated RCM system is designed to streamline integration with the health insurance system, improve financial efficiency, strengthen future prospects for partnership and investment with the private sector, and connect the system to various payment channels to facilitate payment for health services.

Emirates Health Services aims to develop a digital RCM system and implement it in a number of its healthcare facilities by the end of 2022, in addition to creating new healthcare fee payment channels, which will be made available to customers, in conjunction with a bank that operates in the UAE.


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