Emirates News Agency – Emirates Health Services obtains four ISO certifications


DUBAI, 27th March, 2022 (WAM) — Emirates Health Services (EHS) has obtained four certificates from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), reaffirming its status as a leader in health services and its commitment to improving the health services provided by its hospitals and health centers.

EHS received ISO certifications for Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Management System for Educational Institutions and finally Guidance for Competency Management and People Development, adding to its track record of achievements .

Competing with regional and global entities, EHS was able to meet all the requirements and standards of ISO 2019:56002 Innovation Management. This standard provides a common framework for driving innovation, evaluating current EHS innovation performance, and ensuring business continuity.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of Financial Sector and Support Services at Emirates Health Services, said that this deserved achievement confirms EHS’s commitment to international innovation management standards, reflecting its commitment invest in cutting-edge technologies and implement international best practices. in order to promote innovation and the continuous improvement of the skills of human resources.

“These achievements are the result of the integrated EHS strategy, which is in line with the UAE National Wellness Strategy 2031, the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation 2071 and the UAE Centenary 2071,” he said. -he adds. “They are in line with the directives of the wise leadership of the UAE to strengthen the health service system and establish a healthy environment that improves the quality of life for all customers.”

Dr. Kulthum Al Balushi, Director of Innovation and Director of the Training and Development Center, affirmed that obtaining the certificates adds to the Centre’s record of achievements, reaffirming its leadership position and commitment to constantly put update its strategies and formulate future visions for its health. services. This, in turn, enhances the Centre’s competitiveness regionally and globally, increasing its chances of winning international awards and certificates, which constitute international recognition of the quality of healthcare services in the UAE. »

EHS successfully received the ISO 30401:2018 standard for knowledge management for meeting the requirements. This standard provides guidelines that benefit EHS in knowledge management efforts, acting as a unified reference and guide to systematic knowledge management practices to improve decision-making. It supports the growth and development of knowledge capital, contributes to the exchange of specialized experiences and establishes databases of knowledge experts in the field of EHS, both internally and externally.

EHS has also achieved ISO 21001:2018 certification for educational institution management which provides educational products and services to help meet the needs of learners more effectively, achieve better academic results and enable institutions to meet the requirements and expectations of learners and education stakeholders.

In addition, EHS has been awarded the ISO 10015:2019 Guidelines for Competency Management and Staff Development, which provides guidance to help vocational training institutions implement a quality management system for people. training services, through a set of requirements and clauses.


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