Emmerdale Waterfalls Week and Corrie’s Health Diagnosis: Soap Highlights for the Week Ahead


Emmerdale spoilers for the week ahead promise drama and deadly scenes as Coronation Street delivers health news and an arrest

There are huge scenes across soap operas this week, as Emmerdale airs stunts, secrets and a possible comeback, and Coronation Street lines up for health news and an arrest.

In EastEnders there is drama as Ben Mitchell’s anger leads him to attack an innocent person.

Emmerdale will take center stage this week, it’s fair to say, as a series of storylines collide, with multiple characters involved.

There’s said to be more than one stunt, while details are being kept under wraps – but will the drama lead to a death?

Here’s what you can expect from the three soap operas on ITV and BBC this week…

Emmerdale flashforward week

Emmerdale will take center stage this week, it’s fair to say, as a series of stories collide



There are several events next week, with Faith Dingle’s secret coming to light – amidst her odd behavior.

His son Cain finds his feud with Al Chapman heating up, with lives said to be at stake.

Nothing is confirmed in terms of stunts, but it is teased that Cain will threaten to run over Al, while Gabby worries that Jamie Tate has returned to kidnap their baby son Thomas.

Soon, someone is heading into the woods armed with a shotgun, and it looks like someone is getting shot.

Another huge plot reaching its climax is Noah Dingle’s stalking of his ex Chloe Harris, with her finally finding out the truth.

Charity discovers her son’s dangerous behavior, but how will she react?

Corrie’s health diagnosis and shock shutdown

George finally opens up to Eileen about his health diagnosis

At Weatherfield, George finally opens up to Eileen about his health diagnosis, after recently telling her he’s a loud snorer.

George tells Eileen that he has sleep apnea and shows her the doctor-provided mask.

According to the NHS website, “Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops and starts while you sleep. The most common type is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).”

Meanwhile, Peter Barlow attacks Mr. Thorne after discovering his recent behavior at the hospital.

Peter Barlow attacks Mr Thorne after discovering his recent behavior



In scenes airing this week on the show, it will be revealed that Mr Thorne, a surgeon, rushed his life-saving operation last year as part of a bet.

After demanding an apology, he soon finds himself punching the character after being liquidated by him.

Clearly, Thorne has no regrets and no remorse, despite the danger he could have put Peter in. Initially hoping to put a stop to his behavior, Peter sees red when Thorne doesn’t take him seriously and gets into a physical altercation.

But Peter is soon arrested for the crime, and at the train station Peter is charged with assault.

EastEnders Attack Drama

Ben Mitchell has been involved in a series of scary fights

Ben Mitchell has been involved in a series of chilling fights, which recently saw him brutally attack a man who had shouted homophobic slurs at him and Lewis in the street, leaving him in a coma.

Ben has been involved in other fights for similar reasons, as he still struggles to deal with the vile homophobic attack on husband Callum earlier in the year.

BBC spoilers have revealed that the dramatic storyline continues this week, as Ben is unimpressed to see Callum’s police poster as part of an LGBTQ+ campaign.

The situation escalates when they later find it vandalized, leaving Ben furious and seeking revenge. When Ben spots a man, Rich, laughing at Callum’s degraded poster, he is unable to control his temper.

When Ben leaves the Albert and believes he’s spotting Rich, he attacks him – only to realize he’s the wrong person. Who is it and will they be okay?

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Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, while EastEnders airs at the same time on BBC One Monday to Thursday.

Corrie airs right after Emmerdale at 8 p.m. on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

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