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Recognizing the need for a more user-friendly approach to employee wellbeing management to boost productivity, WELLNEWME introduced an employee benefits management platform.

WELLNEWME Employee Health Benefits Management Platform streamlines the process of enrolling, managing and paying for employee health benefits.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that WellNewMe is a health technology company that works with governments, businesses, civil society and local communities to improve people’s health.

This helps to reduce the costs and losses associated with non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, among others.

Dr. Obi Igbokwe, co-founder/CEO of WellNewMe, said in Lagos on Wednesday that the technology-driven platform offers employers a full suite of innovative features.

According to him, some of the features include a personalized and streamlined wellness service for employees, an intuitive dashboard for HR professionals, and a robust analytics portal for executives.

“I saw the need for a more user-friendly approach to managing employee wellbeing to boost productivity, as figures showed that chronic illness, stress, depression and anxiety were increasingly affecting employee well-being.

“This is happening at a time when businesses are striving more than ever to be efficient and productive.

“According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2019, the cost of productivity of health problems in Nigeria exceeds $879 billion per year.

“The report found that, on average, a Nigerian employee costs their company around US$4,000 (₦1,700,000) a year in lost productivity due to poor health.

“Yet, according to the Global Wellness Institute, only 1% of African employees have access to an employee wellness program, compared to more than 50% in North America. »

He said: “This initiative, which is the start of WellNewMe’s larger goal of addressing the whole range of employee and community well-being through its platform: physical, mental and emotional, aims to solve this problem.

“The platform is designed to simplify the way employees of any legal entity in Nigeria can enroll and manage their health benefits, as well as gain insight into their overall health and wellbeing.

“The goal of this service is to be accessible to all employees, regardless of where they are in their company.

“In this ‘do more with less’ age, employees often find it difficult to engage in other activities outside of work, let alone fit them into their daily routines.

“Thus, it is often difficult for organizations to increase employee engagement in activities that not only protect their health, but provide the right tools to prevent health problems by increasing their productivity.”

According to Igbokwe, the WellNewMe platform addresses four main issues employers and employees face in today’s healthcare environment.

They include high costs, employee engagement, lack of transparency at the point of service, and administrative burdens associated with administering the plan.

“Amid limited resources when it comes to providing adequate quality health services in Nigeria, it is becoming clear that our way forward is to increase the availability and accessibility of digital preventative health services.

“Which have been proven around the world to reduce the implementation of more expensive interventions and treatments down the line.

“We have done several pilots over the last 3 years with several companies, so we are fully aware of the benefits our platform can bring and how necessary it is.

“There is now plenty of evidence available that shows that employers who demonstrate and implement measures to actively protect and improve the health of their most valuable asset – their employees are usually the best performing ones.

“While our official launch is focused on businesses, we also intend to showcase our services to the wider community,” Igbokwe said. (NOPE)


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