George of Coronation Street reveals real health diagnosis after secret leaked


Coronation Street’s George Shuttleworth has another confession for his partner Eileen Grimshaw next week as he reveals his health diagnosis.

Corrie’s character recently sparked suspicion that he was up to something, after his odd behavior and refusal to stay at Eileen’s house overnight.

So when he confirmed it was because he snored loudly, Eileen and the viewers were a bit confused.

Eileen was stunned and told him, “I was married to a serial killer, I can live with a little snoring.”

“No you can’t. I think it’s best that we leave her there,” he added, but she insisted: “You stay. The neighbors can think what they want. I’ll find a way to help, I promise.”

Corrie spoilers confirm George Shuttleworth hid secret health diagnosis

Scenes airing this week on the ITV soap reveal there’s another bombshell, just as Eileen thinks staying at home is going better than expected.

He’s about to admit he stayed up all night so he wouldn’t snore and keep his partner awake.

But new spoilers for next week reveal there’s more to the plot and a health diagnosis he hasn’t told anyone yet.

The reason he refused to stay with partner Eileen Grimshaw was confirmed to be because he snored loudly
George Shuttleworth of Coronation Street has another confession for his partner Eileen Grimshaw

George tells Eileen that he has sleep apnea and shows her the doctor-provided mask.

According to the NHS website, “Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops and starts while you sleep. The most common type is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).”

Viewers were hoping for a much bigger or darker secret for the character when the snoring twist was revealed, and they took to Twitter last week to share their disappointment.

Coronation Street viewers have finally learned what George Shuttleworth hid on the ITV soap
George tells Eileen he has sleep apnea.

One viewer tweeted: “What a truly lame story…of all the things George could hide was none other than his snoring!! Come on #corrie is that the best you can do?”

A second agreed: ‘George’s secret was snoring. Nicky’s secret was better’, while a third added: ‘I know it’s supposed to be funny but it’s just boring!’

Another fan wrote, “Snoring! That’s George’s dark secret? What a disappointment.”

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Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV and ITV Hub.


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