Great Lakes Recovery Centers to Expand Behavioral Health Services with New Negaunee Campus


NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) – A behavioral health campus for residents of Marquette County and beyond is in the works.

In a Monday morning press release, Great Lakes Recovery Centers (GLRC) announced the transfer of ownership of the unoccupied Bell Teal Lake Medical Center to Negaunee, effective March 3, 2022. Previously owned and occupied by UPHS – Bell, GLRC will now owning the facility and using it to create a behavioral health campus for residents of Marquette County and beyond.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver on our vision to provide expanded, integrated and streamlined behavioral health care services to residents of Marquette County and the Upper Peninsula as a whole,” said GLRC CEO Greg Toutant, in a statement. “The GLRC is grateful for the opportunity to launch this important and necessary project for the community.

The GLRC plans to renovate the 33,000 square foot facility into a full-service behavioral health treatment campus. It will house the GLRC Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, the Child and Adolescent Trauma Assessment Clinic and the Ishpeming Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic, as well as the Addiction-Based Medical Service and Mental Health Service programs. management of reintegration cases.

The GLRC’s Access Center, Foundation and administrative offices also plan to move to the new location, along with the GLRC’s 36-bed adult residential addiction treatment facility, currently located in Marquette. Clinics and programs will move to the new location in phases beginning March 23, 2022, as targeted renovations are required before providing services.

Additional details will be shared in the coming months, the GLRC says. UPHS – Bell transferred ownership to GLRC for an undisclosed amount.

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