GRM Information Management Selected by CCI Health Services to Provide Complete HIM Solution


GRM Information Management was selected by CCI Health Services, a Marylanda non-profit healthcare organization, to provide a suite of healthcare information management (HIM) solutions that will help them manage their patient data management function.

JERSEY CITY, NJ, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — GRM Information Management has been selected by CCI Health Services, a Marylandnon-profit healthcare organization, to provide a suite of health information management (HIM) solutions that will help them manage their patient data management function.

As the leader in enterprise content management (ECM), GRM is uniquely capable of transforming CCI’s business and data management processes. GRM’s cloud-based content management platform and solutions are fundamentally changing the way companies, especially in the healthcare industry, manage their digital data assets.

“We have long benefited from GRM’s data management capabilities,” says Dr. Sonya Bruton, CEO and President of CCI Health Services. “Our expanded partnership helps us automate time-consuming information management tasks so we can focus on delivering better care to our patients.”

The three components of GRM’s HIM suite are clinical document iFiling, information dissemination, and a records retrieval service.

GRM’s Clinical Document iFiling solution consumes and indexes patient data, using smart forms and robotic process automation. This solution improves the efficiency and speed of processing patient data, reducing labor costs and improving the quality of care.

The suite also includes GRM’s Broadcast Information (ROI) service. Securing and efficiently delivering patient data to requesting parties, the platform is highly secure and HIPAA compliant.

In addition to the clinical document iFiling and ROI services that CCI takes advantage of, GRM’s collection of HIM automation services is complemented by a records retrieval solution that is defined by efficient request and delivery of medical records and records to the names of doctors or patients. to meet care transfer needs. This process works in tandem with the Clinical Document iFiling system and the ROI interface to improve the management and exchange of patient data.

“Data management in the healthcare industry is one of GRM’s most important areas of expertise,” says Dan Zaccardi, GRM sales manager. “We are excited to work with CCI and deliver HIM solutions that transform their operations and enable them to realize truly dramatic benefits.”

About GRM
GRM Information Management is a leading provider of document storage services and information management systems. GRM’s robust, cloud-based content services platform is the centerpiece of the digital solutions GRM provides to its customers. Serving a diverse base of industries such as healthcare, government, legal, finance and human resources, GRM offers its clients services such as digital conversion, advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation, legacy data archiving, compliance and governance, business process management capabilities and advanced analytics, plus a full suite of document storage, scanning and management of physical records.

GRM has offices in 14 major metros across the United States, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, miami, New Jersey/New York, philadelphia cream, San Francisco and washington d.c. GRM also has facilities at Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Bogotá, Medellin and Cali, Colombia. For more information, visit GRM information management.

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