SAN FRANCISCO, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the youth mental health crisis affecting K-12 schools, Hazel Health, the national leader in school-based telehealth, launched Hazel’s Early Assessment, Intervention and Treatment Protocol to expand its existing physical health services to include mental health support services for students . The program began at the start of the 2021-2022 school year and saw early success – helping hundreds of students across the country gain timely access to high-quality, culturally appropriate mental health services.

Hazel’s mental health services ease the burden on schools that are already short on time and resources by responding to student mental health issues and facilitating ongoing support. With Hazel, all consenting students can connect directly with licensed therapists at school or at home for evidence-based, short-term counseling. Highlights of Hazel’s mental health program include:

  • Assessment of mental health issues within days of a referral
  • Teletherapy sessions with a Hazel Health provider and connection with long-term care providers as needed
  • Ongoing case management and care coordination for students
  • Culturally competent and multilingual support; over 65% of Hazel mental health providers identify as people of color (POC) and over 30% are bilingual

“We are building a preventative health culture for pediatric mental health,” says Dr. Travis Gayles, chief health officer of Hazel Health. “We cannot wait until children are in crisis to get services. Schools and community providers are already working hard to provide students with the health services they deserve, but they can always benefit from additional support. Our efforts ensure that students are seen by licensed therapists. in days rather than months. We also create opportunities to proactively identify students at risk due to social determinants of health and negative childhood experiences, and connect them to ongoing support services.

The expansion of Hazel’s services to include mental health care comes at a critical time for our nation’s youth, as mental health crises are at an all-time high. In October, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) declared children’s mental health a national emergencyand in December the Surgeon General of the United States issued a youth mental health warning, after indicators showed alarming increases in the prevalence of some mental health symptoms. Last month, the CDC reported the results of its survey of the behaviors and experiences of adolescents who more than 1 in 3 high school students experienced poor mental health during the pandemic.

Hazel’s mental health services have been launched in districts in seven states to date, including in Duval County Public schools in FloridaAurora Public Schools in Coloradoand Clark County school district of Nevada. Hazel’s team of licensed therapists have provided thousands of hours of direct clinical care to students, reducing wait lists in schools and districts.

“We have students who may not have had mental health issues before, but because of COVID-19 they now have mental health issues,” explains Katrina Taylordirector of school behavioral health at Duval County Public schools. “Some of our mental health support areas are at capacity due to higher demand. Hazel is able to fill those gaps we have, allowing us to avoid referring a family to care. With outpatient care we expect the parent to make an appointment for the student as well as transportation for the student to the appointment Hazel removes the barrier by providing mental health services in the walls of the student’s home.

In addition to providing direct and case management services, Hazel is launching new resources in May to Mental Health Awareness Month to support students, schools and families with access to mental health. Join the national awareness movement, Hazel has expanded information about mental health services on her websiteand will share a series of stories from mental health providers and wellness tips throughout the month on Hazel’s Blog and social media channels. Hazel also plans to launch an additional webpage designed specifically for teens, who face unique challenges when it comes to seeking mental health care.

Andrew Postformer deputy superintendent and chief innovation officer at Hazel Health, explains, “As a former teacher, principal, and deputy superintendent, I felt compelled to develop a mental health solution that could truly address the historic challenges that my peers educators face every day. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, school districts were operating at full capacity. Today, the level of need for support has been severely exacerbated. Referral systems are designed to connect schools and communities, but the reality is that any viable solution must also expand clinical capacity to meet student needs as they arise, not weeks or weeks. months later. »

Hazel Health is working to transform access to pediatric care in schools to help improve the quality of life for children and tackling systematic inequalities which prevent millions of people from receiving appropriate care. Hazel’s mental health services respond directly to the ongoing challenges faced by students, families, and school teachers in their attempts to streamline identification, treatment, and ongoing support for mental health issues. With Hazel’s support, pediatric mental health can be addressed effectively, efficiently and accessible to all.

Schools interested in learning more about Hazel Health telehealth services can email [email protected] or call 1-800-76-HAZEL. They can also learn more about Hazel’s mental health services at https://www.hazel.co/mental-health.

About Hazel Health:
Hazel Health is committed to breaking down barriers to quality health care for children. As the national leader in pediatric telehealth care delivery, Hazel Health partners with school districts across the United States and currently provides access to nearly two million children. Hazel’s team of experienced pediatricians, therapists, educators and engineers are passionate about ensuring that all children receive the best care at school or at home. Hazel is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit http://www.hazel.co.

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