Health Management Service Provider E-Health Now Completes Series A++ Funding Round


Focus on cancer and cardiovascular disease, and grab a value of more than 1 trillion yuan in the health insurance market.

E-Health Now (Chinese: 华美浩联) announced that it has completed a Series A++ funding round worth tens of millions of CNY. This funding round was led by Borchid Capital (Chinese: 蜂巧资本) and followed by Tongji Fund (Chinese: 同济校友基金).

This is a new round of funding after E-Health Now completed its Series A+ round in June.

With the gradual increase in the incidence rate of chronic diseases and the demand for medical digitalization promoted by COVID-19, the health management industry is developing rapidly. E-Health Now has a long-term and deep cooperative relationship with high-quality medical institutions at home and abroad. It integrates the user, the medical institution and the insurance institution to reduce costs and increase efficiency through digital technology and innovative products, thereby helping patients achieve better medical services.

This round of funding will support the research and development of digital health management services and health insurance products for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The company’s CEO, Ms. Xu, announced that according to her forecast, the cancer and cardiovascular disease insurance market size will reach CNY 1.3 trillion, and the health insurance market size for chronic diseases, ophthalmology and dentistry are expected to reach CNY 100 billion, respectively.

E-Health Now covers overseas specialty drugs and develops early cancer detection products to reduce claim costs through patient management. The company also develops products for atypical populations with pulmonary and thyroid nodules and realizes effective health management solutions for high-risk populations.

E-Health Now cooperates with high quality medical institutions around the world to provide education, health assessment, video consultation, emergency green channel, multidisciplinary team consultation, post-hospital rehabilitation and project management throughout the life cycle.

Its competitors include Haid Health (Chinese: 海德健康) and E-Health Now has ambitions to become the next United Health Group in China.


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