Health Products Distributor iHerb Suspends Shipments to Taiwan | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Online health retailer iHerb announced it was suspending sales to Taiwan, but the country’s customs department responded that the company failed to submit required registration documents , said Tuesday, November 23.

The California-based supplier of vitamins, supplements and other health products initially announced that its business suffered from a tough new approach by Taiwanese customs, CNA reported.

The thorough checks caused delays in delivering its products to customers, so the company decided to stop shipping goods to Taiwan altogether, iHerb said. He added that he was trying to find a solution and would resume operations once it was clear how long his products would take to reach customers.

However, the customs administration said the delays were due to the company trying to get its products through customs through simplified procedures. Instead, the normal full procedure was required, which meant that importer documents and receipts had to be presented.

Until that happened, customs could not allow iHerb products to enter the country, according to the report. One of the complicating factors in importing iHerb products was the difference in regulations covering health and medical products in Taiwan and overseas, resulting in the requirement for more import documentation.


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