Icarus Behavioral Health brings the best addiction and mental health services to New Mexico


/EIN News/ — Albuquerque, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Albuquerque, New Mexico –

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico Icarus Behavioral Health is pleased to announce the launch of its inpatient and outpatient services. The center provides specialized care for those in need of addiction treatment, access to mental health resources and dual diagnosis care in the state of New Mexico.

The centre’s residential treatment services represent their most comprehensive level of care. Clients receive the best of medically supervised detoxification and personalized counseling in their core programs, which are designed to help them gain control of their addiction and get their lives back on track for meaningful and lasting sobriety. Icarus Behavioral Health uses evidence-based therapies in all aspects of the care they provide, giving clients every opportunity to recover at their best pace. Additionally, because each treatment plan is individualized, clients and loved ones can expect the team caring for them to approach their progress with compassion and understanding – each plan is also based on the individual’s personal needs, substance abuse history and other considerations. This treatment effectively begins the moment the patient comes into contact with Icarus Behavioral Health. Their staff is highly experienced in helping each client acclimate to their new journey, and all of their needs will be considered in their recovery plan.

Each of the centre’s outpatient departments is similarly oriented. Their full continuum of care covers both substance use disorders and mental health, and clients will receive all the support they need. This can take the form of drug treatment (MAT), group therapy or individual counselling. Icarus Behavioral Health believes that all patient needs should be accommodated while traveling outside of substance abuse and addiction, including their mental health, personality, etc. This holistic, evidence-based approach is why the center is so successful in helping these members of their community build healthier, more fulfilling lives. Problems are addressed at the grassroots level and the team understands that they need to do more than just cover up the symptoms.

For example, substance abuse can lead to significant mental health issues and vice versa, and clients may present with both a substance abuse problem and a mental health disorder. This is called a dual diagnosis (or concurrent disorder), and people with such conditions may find it much harder to achieve a lasting state of recovery. Fortunately, the staff at Icarus Behavioral Health are good at treating both issues simultaneously, and clients will be in safe hands when they approach this center for help.

Icarus Behavioral Health points out that substance abuse and mental health issues each have subcategories that mean clients can have very different experiences. Additionally, there is a distinction between drug use, abuse, and addiction, and it is important to be aware of each. The center explains that drug use is defined as recreational use or intermittent experimentation with a substance of users’ choice. At this stage, the individual does not intend to become dependent on said substance. Over time, however, they may develop a tolerance to the substance that causes them to take larger and larger amounts in pursuit of the same effect. If left unchecked, drug use will turn into drug abuse.

Here, users can often become visibly intoxicated and begin to act out of character as the addiction sets in. They will eventually feel that they cannot have fun without drugs and will take every opportunity to use more to satisfy themselves. Again, over time this will lead to addiction, defined by the point where the individual is no longer able to function normally without the presence of drugs in their system. From now on, virtually every decision they make will center around their addiction.

Icarus Behavioral Health urges people with addictions to contact their dedicated admissions staff for assistance in determining their next step. Having worked with countless others in such situations, their staff understands what it takes to seek professional treatment and can help people find the strength to begin the recovery process. Friends and family members are also encouraged to coordinate with the center if they are concerned about a loved one in need of addiction or mental health treatment (or both).

Recognizing the need for high-level treatment in New Mexico, the clinical and management staff at Icarus Behavioral Health look forward to setting themselves the standard of treatment in the Land of Enchantment and throughout the Southeast region. Where is. Their team cordially welcomes calls and inquiries from their community, and they look forward to being an integral part of behavioral health in the state for decades to come.


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