Imperial County Behavioral Health Services Appoints New Deputy Director | Local News


IMPERIAL COUNTY —Gabriela Jimenez was appointed Sept. 23 as assistant director of Imperial County Behavioral Health Services.

“Ms. Jimenez brings a wealth of experience to her new role as Associate Director,” said Leticia Plancarte-Garcia, Director of Behavioral Health Services. “I look forward to her continued commitment to helping Behavioral Health Services meet the needs of our diverse Imperial Valley community.”

During his 24 years working for Behavioral Health Services, Jimenez has had the opportunity to work with the many divisions, programs and services offered by Behavioral Health. Jimenez joined Behavioral Health Services in 1998 as a Case Management Technician. She was appointed Behavioral Health Manager in charge of the Betty Jo McNeece Children’s Home in 2007, a position she held until 2013 when she became Manager of Youth and Young Adult Services. . In 2017, she was appointed Assistant Director of Adult and Senior Services, and in 2018 she worked to establish the Substance Use Disorders Treatment Division for adolescents and adults. .

Jimenez describes herself as “very passionate” about providing and expanding services for those in need in Imperial County. She has worked to implement many programs that meet the varying needs of the county’s different populations.

“One of my greatest accomplishments within behavioral health has been the implementation of the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System for the treatment of substance use disorders in adolescents and adults,” Jimenez said. “Through this implementation, we have expanded services for individuals and families living with substance use disorders and helped improve access to care and treatment outcomes within our community. community.

“We live in a county with very limited resources,” added Jimenez. “As a department, we work very hard to create these resources and remove barriers to treatment for those who need help.”

Jimenez holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from San Diego State University, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix, and a Masters in Public Administration from the University national.


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