Innovative Technology Will Deliver Quality Health Services, Says Health Assur GM | The Guardian Nigeria News


Health Assur Managing Director/General Manager Dr Olurotimi Zedomi said yesterday that people are enrolling in the Health Assur program because of the innovative use of technology, which has made access to health services transparent.

Zedomi spoke at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Ogudu GRA, Lagos.

According to him, Health Assur provides superior quality services. “The reason we are the best is that we have built a very strong innovative and competitive operational mechanism that provides superior services through transparent processes, innovative use of technology and excellent customer service.

“We offer a range of health benefit packages to meet the health needs of individuals, families, groups and SMEs. This includes our Hello Assur health program. We provide a defined package of health care benefits to a registered population through a network of strategic partners including hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic centers who are likely responsible for treatment outcome and cost containment expected from health insurance schemes. We are partnered with over 550 service providers nationwide,” he said.

The services, he said, were affordable and about the best market price people can get.

“We have an affordable range of plans that have been designed to cover all segments of society. Each individual will find their preferred choice of health plans in our product line that matches the amount they are able to afford. Essentially, we’re talking about premium, affordable services at an affordable price,” he said.

Chairman, Board of Directors, ‘Bade Adeshina said Health Assure was incorporated in January 2015, but boasts a collective experience of over 40 years through the collection of its management team.

“We are moving towards increasing our brand awareness in the field of health insurance. We work with local and international partners to improve the quality of our services in all segments of society. We are working with some non-governmental organizations to also play our corporate social responsibility role with regards to health insurance,” he said.

According to Adeshina, “The highlight of this year’s AGM is to say that Health Assure has arrived and the next thing is for us to move on to the next phase because we have come out of a phase of stagnation. We have recorded three consecutive quarters of profitability, which has gradually propelled us into the next good phase and the future looks very bright.


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