Juvare’s CORES HAN Selected by Texas Department of State Health Services as High-Volume Mass Notification and Alert System


Powered by Juvare Exchange®, CORES™ HAN will deliver high-volume mass notifications and alerts to targeted audiences in one of the largest government agencies in the state

ATLANTE, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Juvare®, the leader in critical incident preparedness and response technology, announced the successful implementation of the CORES HAN solution for the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Juvare’s CORES HAN was selected by DSHS as a partner to streamline and deliver high volume mass notifications and alerts to intended audiences in a fast, reliable and flexible manner. Juvare’s CORES HAN system will be used by DSHS to communicate information related to local, state, and federal public health issues with qualified stakeholders, and to send compliant data and communications to the Public Health Information Network ( PHIN).

Juvare was selected after a competitive bidding process that evaluated Juvare’s technology as well as its ability to deliver complex projects in a timely manner. The announcement builds on a longstanding partnership between Texas DSHS and Juvare as the agency invests more in public health to promote and protect the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work, revere and are playing.

“Maintaining situational awareness while keeping people abreast of developments relating to public health is essential for successful emergency management and response, especially in an age of misinformation,” said Sam Klietz, Juvare’s Chief Customer Officer. “Our partnership with Texas DSHS represents an evolution in ensuring that emergency preparedness and response professionals receive relevant information in a timely, reliable and secure manner, an essential step in ensuring the public understands how We look forward to strengthening our working relationship with Texas DSHS through this new venture.”

CORES HAN (Health Alert Network) is a mass notification program with advanced two-way notification capability to send messages by phone, SMS, fax and email, supporting 24-hour emergency medical response operations. 24/7, mass casualty assistance, missing persons, bed and resource availability and surge monitoring. The system supports closed-loop communications with an audit trail, allowing public safety officials to track mass notifications. Public health agencies use CORES HAN to share health information and process related notifications statewide, including state and local public health guidelines and notifications. CORES HANS also supports and integrates with IPAWS, the National Alerting System, providing public safety officials with an efficient way to notify the public of emergencies, including Alert Network notifications. CDC Health.

Many organizations across the Lone Star State trust Juvare daily to improve emergency preparedness and response. Juvare technology connects over 80% of US state public health agencies, over 3,500 hospitals, over 50 federal agencies, and over 500 emergency management operations across the United States, as well as an international presence rapidly expanding with offices in offices in Canada, Lithuaniaand New Zealand.

About Juvare:

Juvare is a global leader in emergency preparedness and critical incident management and response software. Juvare solutions enable government agencies, businesses, healthcare facilities, academic institutions and voluntary organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property and brands. For more information, visit www.juvare.com.

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