Kin’s Chinese Food Take Out in Calgary closed by Alberta Health Services


Kin’s Chinese Food Take Out was recently closed after a senior Alberta Health Services official inspected the establishment.

The inspector found more than 35 violations at Kin’s Chinese Food Take Out restaurant located at 78 7930 Bowness Road NW in Calgary that could be harmful or dangerous to public health.

“A significant infestation of cockroaches was observed throughout the food establishment, including food contact surfaces, food equipment, cooking line, front service counter and hand washing sinks, food preparation and washing up, reads the AHS written order.

“Walls, storage units and light fixtures were contaminated with cockroach droppings.”

Mouse droppings were also found on a storage unit with clean food equipment, in the rear food storage area and in the laundry room, the order continued.

This AHS shutdown order was issued on April 14, with a verbal order given on April 12.

There were numerous other instances of unhealthy conditions discovered by the inspector, such as “the operator repeatedly removed evidence of pest activity preventing a senior Alberta Health Services official from taking pictures” .

Alberta Health Services

“The kitchen sink for hand washing was clogged with a butcher block and a storage cabinet,” the AHS order reads.

The report also states that the hand washing sink in the galley and rear staff toilets did not have hot running water.

“A package of raw chicken was stored directly on open containers of bean sprouts.”

Before the restaurant can reopen, the owner will need to undertake and diligently pursue the completion of several work-related changes, such as hiring a pest management company to inspect, treat and eradicate the food premises of all pests.

There were also several repairs and food storage changes to be made before reopening, such as the removal of “mouse droppings and cockroach droppings and the disinfection of contaminated surfaces.”

Current order status on the AHS website is active, which means it is “currently in force and the requirements must be tracked before they can reopen.

Kin’s Takeaway Chinese Cuisine

Address:#78 7930 Bowness Road NW, Calgary


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