Making mental health services more accessible


It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a disruptor that has led to serious social, economic and public health repercussions – from the closure of small businesses to physical distancing and adherence to procedures. strict operational standards every time we leave our homes.

However, it also ushered in a crucial shift in modern history: the rise of mental health issues globally.

According to a World Health Organization survey conducted in the second quarter of 2020, more than 60% of countries around the world reported disruptions in mental health services.

Meanwhile, statistics have shown an increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression among disadvantaged groups, especially those with low socioeconomic status, low education, and self-employed groups. , especially women.

Closer to home, Malaysia has not been spared either. Reports have spread in the media about the contribution of the pandemic to an increase in mental disorders, as well as people with serious mental illnesses.

It has further shed new and much needed light on the importance of improving mental well-being and care in Malaysia, primarily in the provision of mental health services and patient care, including issues of service delivery. health services.

The past two years have shed new and much-needed light on the importance of improving mental well-being and care in Malaysia

Therefore, it is important not only to ensure that residents have good access to mental health resources, but also to ensure access to mental health services, to respond quickly to mental health needs and to establish innovative forms of mental health care delivery.

In light of this, Permai Johor Bahru Hospital, in partnership with Newcastle Medical University Malaysia (NUMed), will host the 21st Johor Mental Health Convention (JMHC) 2022 from July 20-21.

The collaboration aims to encourage improved access to mental health care in Malaysia and also to elucidate diverse new perspectives of mental health issues for health professionals and students.

The two-day virtual event, titled “Minding Malaysia: Progressing Positively for a Resilient Tomorrow,” will bring together national and international mental health experts to share and discuss their views on mental health issues.

These issues include current trends and updates across the spectrum of diagnosis, management, rehabilitation, as well as mental health and mental disorder services during the pandemic and beyond.

By encouraging more active discussions on mental health care among policy makers and health professionals, it is hoped that mental health care delivery and patient care in the country can be optimized, leading to better access. high-quality mental health care for all patients, especially the most vulnerable.

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