Mercy Health Services Announces Opening of Maternal Health and Preventive Care Center, Including Revitalization of Mead Building on Calvert Street


In the news – (March 23, 2022 – Baltimore, MD) — As part of Mercy’s mission to address serious health inequities and empower vulnerable populations to better manage their health, Mercy Health Services (MHS) has unveiled the first phase of completion of the Center for Maternal Health and Preventive Care, Dr. David N Maine, MHS President and CEO announced.

The center will provide Baltimore’s most needy with comprehensive prenatal services, including on-site diagnostic ultrasound and laboratory services; easy access to Mercy Medical Center Advanced Fetal Care Center (specializing in high-risk pregnancy issues); chronic disease diagnosis and management, insurance navigation, on-site patient education and social work services, and referral to community resources.

The Mead Center’s first phase of renovations began in the summer of 2021 with new signage and updates to the main lobby and work on the 6,500 square foot 4and floor, which includes 10 patient exam rooms, three portable ultrasound machines, 10 OB/GYN doctors and midwives, a clinical nurse practitioner and a perinatal coordinator

“Mercy provides more than $70 million annually in community benefits and charitable care as part of our ongoing efforts to care for the sick and injured, regardless of social or economic condition. To that end, Mercy launched the Center for Maternal Health and Preventive Care to provide a high level of care, in one location, to at-risk pregnant women and patients with high-risk chronic conditions,” said Dr. Maine.

The center is housed in Mercy’s recently revitalized Mead Center building at 315 North Calvert Street in downtown Baltimore, and when fully constructed is expected to represent an investment of approximately $10 million by MHS, public and private donors and the State of Maryland.

The 4and floor now houses the Metropolitan OB/GYN practice under the medical direction of Cyrus Lawyer, MD, Ph.D. Metropolitan OB/GYN and its staff have provided gynecological and obstetrical care to generations of women throughout the Baltimore area. Their team includes: Dr. Cyrus Lawyer, Medical Director; Drs. Rachel Adams, Carolyn Cokesand Yves-Richard Dole; midwives Tarnisha Hemphill and Danielle Keene; nurse practitioner Keysha Reid Webb; and Anika Johnson, CNM, who cares for patients in the Bunting Labor and Delivery unit. Kia Hollis, CNM, will join the Metropolitan OB/GYN group in the spring.

Sister Helen Amos, RSM, Executive Chair of the MHS Board of Trustees, remarked at the recent Blessing Ceremony of the Metropolitan OB/GYN Suite and Staff, “Today marks another milestone in our journey of re-engagement. We celebrate the move of a first-class medical practice – Metropolitan OB/GYN – into a first-class space that is suitable to support a broad approach to the well-being of mothers, their babies and their entire families.

Other renovations will include the first, second and third floors of the Mead building, which will house clinical and administrative offices for population health, preventive care and expanded OB/GYN services for the community.

The Mead Building is named after the late Dr. Joseph Anthony Mead, Jr., former Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief of Mercy’s Department of Internal Medicine. When Dr. Mead retired in 1995, Mercy named the Calvert Street facility in his honor.

“Dr. Mead was an advocate for care for the underserved. He was instrumental in the establishment of Health Care for the Homeless and the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. So it is fitting that the Mead building is home to this new center, dedicated to serve the most vulnerable in the community,” said Dr. Maine.

Mercy Health Services, Inc., includes Mercy Medical Center, the university-affiliated hospital founded in 1874 by the Sisters of Mercy that enjoys a national reputation for women’s health. For more information, visit www.mdmercy.comMDMercyMedia on Facebook and Twitter, or call 1-800-MD-Mercy.



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