MP for Airdrie-Cochrane says Alberta health services are underperforming and bloated


Airdrie-Cochrane MPP Peter Guthrie spoke in a recent membership statement saying some changes need to be made to Alberta Health Services (AHS).

“Mr. Speaker, before COVID, many boasted that Canada had one of the best health care systems in the world. But when stress testing capacity goes down and wait times go up, the system failed to adapt and meet expectations.

Guthrie says the dedicated frontline staff did their best working in a stressful environment, dealing with countless managers and supervisors in a change-resistant bureaucracy.

“Our government has introduced a number of excellent initiatives in this budget; $2.2 billion to build health care facilities, $100 million to expand hospital capacity and critical care beds, $64 million for EMS, and $23 million for Alberta’s 911 system, to name a few- one.

But Guthrie feels more needs to be done than just providing them with money.

“Canada ranks second among the most expensive universal health care systems in the world, but among the last in terms of performance, with Alberta being the most expensive in the country, and given the failures of AHS in Over the past two years, it is clear that higher levels of spending do not translate into better results.

The 2022 budget calls for the addition of 850 new full-time positions at AHS, but Guthrie wonders, under the same ineffective leadership, if that money is well spent.

“AHS staff dissatisfaction is another factor. Without meaningful interaction with the front line to create a positive work environment, fundamental change will be difficult.

Guthrie called AHS bloated and an underperforming entity that needs reform to ensure its future success.

“Professional consultation, restructuring management and meaningful implementation of publicly funded and privately delivered services will help. We do not leave a system in difficulty to continue to fight. It is imperative that we have trust in our public institutions, trust in government and trust in leadership to do what it takes to satisfy trust and generate trust, change becomes a necessity.


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