Newport’s kelp health product promotes human and ocean health


NEWPORT – A Newport resident has launched a new health and wellness brand aimed at helping support people’s health, while supporting the health of the world’s oceans.

sea ​​green launched two weeks ago and offers its users an alternative to multiple cups of coffee a day. The kelp product also includes cocoa, ginger, reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon, and aswagandha in its formula.

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“This was inspired by a sailing trip I took last year in July for a month along the coast of Maine to learn about regenerative agriculture and sustainable aquaculture and the different ways to make the ocean a healthier place, but also provide people with healthy food from the ocean as well,” said Seagreen owner Willis Brown.

During this trip, Brown said he surfed near an isolated island and ate kelp between the waves because he was hungry. When he came ashore, he began thinking about how he could introduce people to the health benefits of kelp without providing them with a slimy, brown plant.

“I thought it would be a great way to introduce people. It’s super easy,” he said.

Seagreen is a powdered compound that can be mixed with water, coffee, tea, or smoothies. Brown said the formula tastes great and is a caffeine-free energy boost and is more sustained than the coffee boost and the mushrooms are helpful in promoting cognitive function and focus throughout the day.

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Rich in iodine, Brown said kelp is known to support healthy hair, skin and nails. It also promotes thyroid and hormone production.

“It’s basically like healthy from the inside out for us humans and then for the planet, it actually has the ability to sequester 20 times more carbon from the atmosphere than terrestrial trees and is super critical for deacidification of the ocean, which is basically like rising temperatures in the ocean and rising sea levels,” he said.

The kelp also provides habitat for finfish, crustaceans and bivalves and one thing Seagreen is doing to promote ocean health is planting 10 kelp seedlings with some of Maine’s kelp growers, in hopes of add more kelp to the ocean than they harvest.

“Each year I hope we can increase the amount of kelp in our local waters and make the ocean a healthier place and that more and more people use Seagreen in their daily lives to promote their health as well,” did he declare.

They are also members of One Percent for the Planet, which means they donate 1% of their annual revenue to nonprofit outdoor and environmental organizations.

A container of Seagreen contains about 25 servings per unit and costs $40.

“We are proud of our mission to add kelp to the ocean and make it a healthier place while providing people with a daily morning routine that is also very healthy for them. I just hope people there are open and keep reaching out, buy it and try it,” he said.

For more information about Seagreen, visit or follow them on Instagram @drinkseagreen

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