PB Agri Services will distribute the HVS Animal Health product line

Paul Brown with heifers set to become RNs in three weeks
Paul Brown with heifers set to become RNs in three weeks

This development will see the Victoria-Bridge company selling the HVS product range throughout North Tyrone and the Foyle catchment area.

PB Agri Services already provides an artificial insemination service to suckler and dairy farmers in the region. The company also offers frozen branding services to dairy farmers across the island of Ireland.

HVS Animal Health, based in Co Down, markets a wide selection of proven mineral and vitamin beverages for dairy, cattle and sheep producers. This includes the famous Liquid Gold range.

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“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the HVS team,” confirmed Paul Brown of PB Agri Services.

“And it was pretty much a baptism of fire. The fall-winter breeding season is about to begin in the northwest, and as a result, demand for Liquid Gold Dairy is already very strong.

According to Paul, the brew is a unique combination of trace minerals and vitamins, which works to boost heifers’ immune status, inherent fertility and overall health.

He added: “These are the main drivers that will combine to deliver optimal conception rates with these animals.

“It is important that cows and heifers are in perfect health before insemination. Watering with Liquid Gold Dairy three weeks before insemination ensures that this will be the case.

According to Paul, the increasing use of sexed semen and fixed-time AI makes the case for watering all breeders with Liquid Gold all the stronger.

On-farm results obtained here in Northern Ireland confirm that conception rates, using a combination of fixed-time AI and sexed semen, can be increased by 20% if heifers are dosed with Liquid Gold Dairy three weeks before insemination.

Paul concluded, “Many fall calving cows have been kept on grass this year longer than would normally be the case.

“As a result, body condition scores were significantly lower than they would normally be at the time of drying off.

“The case for improving the mineral and vitamin status of these animals, before and after calving, is indeed very strong.

“The good news is that Liquid Gold Dairy meets precisely this requirement.”

For more information contact Paul Brown on 07968 349909.


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