RaphaCure launches affordable healthcare product for Indian education sector


DThe RaphaCure digital health platform has launched RaphaNeu, a revolutionary subscription-based product aimed at providing comprehensive preventive healthcare solutions to students and other members of educational institutions at a very affordable cost.

Priced at just Rs 50 per year for members of educational institutions, including students, “RaphaNeu” provides a host of healthcare services leveraging RaphaCure’s cutting-edge technology platform. Under this new plan, which is the first of its kind in India; students, teachers, faculty, staff and management of educational institutions will benefit from unlimited online mental wellness counseling sessions that will remain confidential.

Likewise, the subscriber will benefit from an unlimited virtual medical consultation for an entire year from the day of subscription. This will allow users to check their stress and happiness levels monthly, helping them take corrective action.

A “RaphaNeu” subscriber can benefit from medicines delivered at home with discounts of up to 30%. In addition, the “RaphaNeu” membership includes a gym or spa membership with discounts starting at 20% for members.

As part of this package, educational institutions will also see an annual visit from a GP for eye and dental check-ups at the institute premises. Additionally, a user can track their various health metrics on RaphaFit, the fitness tracker. The additional benefits provided as part of “RaphaNeu” come with terms that are easy for users to adopt.


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