Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Shares Her Mental Health Diagnosis


Ashlee Malleo is open and honest about her recent mental health diagnosis in hopes of eliminating the stigma associated with it. The daughter of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” alumni Jacqueline Laurita recently announced on her Instagram page that she was diagnosed with Bipolar II after having a psychotic breakdown.

Shedding Light on Mental Health Awareness

After taking a break from social media, Malleo returned with a post about her journey and diagnosis. She captioned her photo with: ‘You might not think I’ve had much difficulty in life – but I do. The last two years have been particularly difficult for me. Almost a month ago, I had a psychotic breakdown. I found myself in a position where I was afraid of myself and my own thoughts. And I chose to finally seek proper help. It was during her hiatus from social media that the 31-year-old was diagnosed with Bipolar II.

Ashlee Malleo – Instagram

Her moving Instagram post

She went on to explain her journey, saying, “I made a personal choice to start medication immediately because I really feel like I’ve tried everything up to this point. I think I was in denial for a very long time about this diagnosis. She went on to explain that she was never properly educated about bipolar and that the negative stigma surrounding mental health diagnoses didn’t help. “I was so used to hearing that bipolar was used as a negative adjective to describe someone. I always thought it was just something related to mood swings. It’s so much more, and so many things. in my life began to make sense.

Feel the relief of knowing

Having a diagnosis has helped Malleo feel like she can regain control of her life and understand things a little better. “I am not ashamed of my diagnosis. And I won’t allow anyone to try to shame me. I will also not allow anyone to use my diagnosis as a scapegoat to abuse me. She went to explain, “It gave me a level of resilience that I really needed growing up. It made me able to withstand all the obstacles that the Universe throws at me. I am strong. It helped me to be imaginative, empathetic, adaptive – and it certainly contributed to my great sense of humor in some way.

Ashlee Malleo
Ashlee Malleo – Instagram

She has a lot of support

Malleo received tons of supportive comments for coming out with her truth on Instagram. Her mum is just one of her many followers and commented with a series of hugs, hearts and kissing emojis. Malleo ended his post with some encouraging thoughts. “I think it’s important for us to talk about our individual experiences of living with bipolar (and other mental illnesses) so that we can help completely eliminate the negative stigmas surrounding mental illness,” he said. she stated.

Co-parenting her son with her ex

Malleo shares a son, Cameron, 5, with ex-husband Pete. The couple tied the knot in August 2018 and announced their separation in November 2021. Last year, after Malleo alleged her ex-husband cheated on her on Instagram, she withdrew the claim saying he hadn’t cheated and called him her “partner for life”. to raise their son together. “His success is our son’s success. We will always be a family. We will always be there for each other. Nothing and no one could ever break that. Period,” she wrote.

Ashlee Malleo and her son
Ashlee Malleo – Instagram


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