Shania Twain reveals devastation at ‘debilitating’ health diagnosis


Jenni McKnight

Shania Twain is one of the best-selling female artists in country music history – but there was a time when she feared she would never be able to perform again.

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The 56-year-old was unable to sing for several years after being diagnosed with Lyme disease following a bite from an infected tick while horseback riding in Norfolk, Va. 2003. The bacterial infection caused nerve damage to her vocal cords, which led to her losing her voice.

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“I lost my voice for several years and I could talk but I couldn’t shout,“said the country singer The sun in 2017. “I could never scream for my dog ​​or my son or anything.”

Shania was forced to take a break from performing, admitting in 2020 that she thought she would never sing again.

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“I thought for a long time that I would never sing again,” she revealed on the British talk show loose women. “It took years to figure out what was affecting my voice.

“I would say probably a good seven years before a doctor could find out that it was nerve damage to my vocal cords directly from Lyme disease.”

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Shania couldn’t perform for several years

Shania has also previously admitted that the “debilitating” illness has left her sad and depressed.

“I also felt like I was never going to make another album – that was probably my truth. It was devastating. I really suffered from it. It beat me down and I struggled with it every day.” she said The sun.

“It was very depressing, and I was really sad about it, but I still had my writing, and my writing is my first love, really, first and foremost. I was only going to be a writer and not a performer,” he said. -she adds. .


Shania is now back to her best performance in Las Vegas

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Shania spent years battling to regain her voice, which she described as a “very long and tedious process”, and involved several throat surgeries to try to undo the damage.

Luckily, she stuck with her and is now able to perform again, having completed the first stage of her Let’s go! residency in Las Vegas.

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