Star Imaging & Path Lab Provides Accurate Health Diagnosis in Delhi


August 23, 2022 6:16 p.m. STI

Delhi-NCR [India]August 23 (ANI/GPRC): The need and availability of diagnostic facilities has always been vital to society, but things were not as advanced and organized 44 years ago.
It is precisely at this time that the seeds of Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. have been planted. In 1978, the organization launched a basic setup for x-rays and simple pathology testing.
Over the years, they planned to slowly expand their facilities, expanding and including the latest technology in the pathology and radiology departments. Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. emerged shortly after providing more testing facilities. This includes CT Coronary Angiography Test, CBCT, Ultrasound, Ultrasound, Computerized Lab, Diagnostic Reports, MRI & CT Scan, Centers, Doctors, etc.
Star Imaging specializes in CT Coronary Angiography Test
Doctors advise CT coronary angiography to examine conditions of blocked or narrowed heart arteries. It is a non-invasive method, and the technique uses powerful rays to create images of the heart and blood vessels which doctors analyze to find out the condition and decide on a treatment plan accordingly.
A CT scanner is a powerful imaging machine that takes many cross-sectional images of your body and combines them to create a complete picture. Star Imaging has a powerful 128-slice CT scanner that allows them to get absolute precision from every scan.
Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. has a core mission to use world-class technology to provide in-depth report analysis and enable accurate diagnostic results. Their vision in this game has always been about building a healthy community. Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. supports preventive care instead of acting on reactive care. They have also taken awareness-raising measures so that customers can quickly access their services.

The team delivers unparalleled services in the healthcare space
During this journey, they have always provided the best diagnostic and pathology services in Delhi-NCR. Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. has excelled for more than four decades, performing more than 20 million tests for satisfied patients. The team currently has more than 15 organ experts and radiologists.
Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. Ltd has 14 working departments. These are; MRI, CT SCAN, Pathology, X-RAY, BMD/Dexa Scan, Color Doppler & Ultrasound, 3T MRI, Cardiology Test, MAMMOGRAPHY, NEUROLOGY, CBCT & DENTAL IMAGING, Health Packages, UROFLOW, and VARIOUS TEST.
There are other wellness services that can also be linked to Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. This includes wellness packages, Medanta E-Clinic, Breast Clinic, Cardiology Consultation, Star Preventive Cancer Care Clinic, etc. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have also quickly added Covid testing to their list of services. .
Dr Sameer Bhati is the Director of Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. and is the founder of the Medical Education in Star Education and Training Institute.
Bhati brings four decades of unparalleled experience to the team. It is under his mentorship that the pathology lab delivers nothing but excellence in healthcare. The team also has Dr. Sameer Sood as Chief Radiologist and HOD – Department of Radiology and Imaging at Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt. ltd. He brings three decades of impeccable experience to the table. The team performed exceptionally well under his unparalleled leadership.
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