Tanzania: Jubilee unveils new cardless health product


Jubilee Health Insurance launched a new low-end product called Pamoja Afya over the weekend.

The Pamoja Afya is designed to support the government’s initiative on universal health coverage by promoting the accessibility of health insurance in rural areas to individual, SACCOS and VICOBA members.

Health insurance is intended to raise awareness of health insurance, which will increase the level of penetration where the current level of insurance penetration is less than 1.0%.

Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) communications and relations officer Mr Eliezer Rweikiza said the insurer’s product, which is a cardless product, could help spur the company to start to purchase health insurance products, thereby increasing penetration levels.

“TIRA has set itself the goal of ensuring that the implementation of insurance services reaches all Tanzanians,” Mr. Rweikiza said.

The government wants general insurance coverage to reach 80% of Tanzanians and 50% for health by 2028.

Jubilee CEO Dr. Harold Adamson said their cardless Pamoja Afya aims to support the government’s universal health coverage program where beneficiaries will also be treated at government and mission hospitals.

“Our goal will be to maintain best practice governance standards, while ensuring quality, and wide access to service is non-negotiable,” added the CEO.

Mr. Adamson pledged that Jubilee Health will work closely with government facilities to ensure members receive quality services.


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