The association advocates the integration of mental health services in primary health centers


Some community leaders in Tori-Lovi, Badagry, Lagos State, on Monday denounced the lack of basic amenities in the area.
The Tide ource reports that Tori-Lovi is a community after Age-Mowo, in the Olorunda Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Badagry, Lagos State.
Some of the leaders, in separate interviews with the source in Badagry, said the lack of basic amenities such as good roads, primary health center, electricity supply and market had a negative impact on them.
The traditional (Baale) leader of the Tori-Lovi community, Chief Gabriel Gbetoho, said the roads within the community were in a deplorable state.
“The Tori-Lovi community was founded around 700 years ago by our ancestors, but the roads within the community are in poor condition as the Lagos State government did not rebuild them.
“Our roads have been neglected over the years and we have been constantly involved in ensuring that we vote peacefully in elections.
“Our occupations are farming and fishing and due to poor road conditions, we have great difficulty getting our agricultural produce to the markets in Badagry and Alaba.
“During the rainy season, it is always difficult to drive on the road because of the water.
“We call on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State and Mr. Samson Olatunde, President of Olorunda LCDA to come to our rescue,” he said.
A community leader and former councillor, Mr Sewanu Pinponsu, said there was no primary health center in the area.
According to him, pregnant women travel many miles before going to Badagry General Hospital and Mowo Primary Health Center for treatment.
“Getting medical care is a huge challenge for many of us in our Tori-Lovi community.
“We have to travel miles to neighboring communities to access health care, it’s very bad.
“Some of our mothers die on the way to the hospital while our children pass away on the way to the nearest health centre.
“We want the government to build a good health center for us here so that we can use it,” he said.
In addition, Mr. Jogbenu Olorunnisola, a farmer and community leader, said electricity supply and lack of a good market were other problems facing the community.
“In the community of Tori-Lovi, we don’t have a transformer and those who feed us come from the neighboring community and we are in position.
“Sometimes the community will be down for a full month, which has led to some people leaving the community.

“No standard market to sell our goods, we travel to Agbalata and Alaba markets to sell,” he said.

The youth leader of the community, Mr. David Padonu, said that there were no schools in the community for children and young people.

“There are no primary and secondary schools in the community of Tori-Lovi, young people and children have to go to Badagry and Mowo to study.

“We want the government to build our own primary and secondary schools in Tori-Lovi, we have land for all of that.

“Due to the lack of electricity supply, most of the young people are in the commercial ward of okada.

“The government should fix our roads and empower the youth in the community and help us complete our town hall,” he said.


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