Tire Health Management System from Nexteer Automotive and Tactile Mobility


Nexteer Automotive and Tactile Mobility have unveiled a software solution that aims to improve vehicle health, safety and performance management by detecting changing tire conditions, such as tire stiffness and tread depth. rolling. The system can also detect road surface changes such as dry, wet or icy conditions.

The partnership’s solution works as part of a vehicle’s steering system and using the latest software and virtual sensors, it has the ability to measure tire health and other tire-related parameters.

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Nexteer Automotive and Tactile Mobility software helps monitor and identify tire tread depth, alerting the vehicle driver when a replacement tire is needed. Transparent and proactive maintenance further improves vehicle safety.

“Our new road and tire sensing software shows how we combine Nexteer’s expertise in EPS software and steering feel tuning with Tactile Mobility’s sensing technology and data analysis to improve the connecting a vehicle to the road and enabling even safer and more reliable driving,” commented Robin Milavec, President, CTO, CSO and Board Director, Nexteer Automotive. “We are excited about the opportunities this new software can provide to improve overall vehicle health management, driver safety and comfort in all road conditions.”

The company’s solution uses machine learning and works by identifying patterns in road surfaces and tire detection data over more than 20,000,000 miles of driving. The system will continue to use machine learning to improve its ability to proactively translate road and tire conditions.

“We are excited to join forces with Nexteer, bring our safety-enhancing sensors to more vehicles, improving road and vehicle safety for everyone,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of Tactile Mobility. . “Thanks to tactile information, drivers will have previously unavailable information about their vehicle and road conditions, providing them with unprecedented information to make safer driving choices. This partnership also allows us to meet the growing need for efficient and reliable sensors in the automotive industry and to pave the way towards full autonomy.

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