Training will provide guidance for finding behavioral health services


November 3 – HENDERSON – Residents of Vance County can learn more about behavioral health services available through Vaya Health, a managed care organization that serves Vance and 30 other North Carolina counties.

Vaya Health will provide training and information during a session Nov. 8 at Baskerville Funeral Home, 104 S. Garnett St. in Henderson. Attendees will hear about the services offered by Vaya Health, who serves Vaya, and how to get help.

The session will take place from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This is the second in a five-part series of community education training events hosted by Baskerville Funeral Home.

Charlie Baskerville explained why he offered his funeral home to host the training sessions.

“I try to educate the community,” he said, “by using my funeral home to let people know about community resources, what’s available.”

During the November 8 training, participants will learn more about Vaya Health and the specific services it provides and how to access those services. Additionally, attendees will receive information to help them get help during a behavioral health crisis.

The training will provide information on how Vance County residents can access health services. The need is there. The 2021 Community Health Assessment conducted by Granville Vance Public Health identified access to health care as one of three priorities related to health services in the county.

“Access to health care, including appropriate and timely preventive care, treatment and management of disease, is essential for community health,” the report said. “There are many barriers to accessing health care, including lack of health insurance, information, transportation and trust.”

Thirteen percent of Vance County residents who responded to the survey listed access to care as a top health and safety concern. Forty-three percent said low-cost clinics were a top priority.

Vaya Health is a public managed care organization, defined as “a health care system that controls costs by limiting physician fees and restricting patient choice of physicians.”

Vaya Health oversees Medicaid, federal, state, and local funding for services for people with mental health issues, substance use disorders, and intellectual/developmental disabilities.


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