Tres Carnales Taqueria in Edmonton closed by Alberta Health Services


Tres Carnales Taqueria was recently closed after a senior Alberta Health Services (AHS) official inspected the establishment.

The inspector found multiple violations at Tres Carnales Taqueria – located at 10119 100A Street NW in Edmonton – that could be harmful or dangerous to public health.

“There is evidence of a significant pest infestation,” reads the written order of the AHS.

“Cockroaches and mouse droppings were observed in multiple areas of the facility,” the order continues.

Cockroach traps are full of live and dead cockroaches in various stages of development, the order says.

This AHS shutdown order was dated November 2, with a verbal order given October 31.

The inspector found many other instances of unsanitary conditions, including “food and utensils are not stored to avoid pest contamination.”

“The scullery exit door has openings and gaps that allow pests to enter the facility,” the AHS order said.

The report also states that there was an accumulation of dirt, grease, debris, food particles and grime present on kitchen equipment, food storage carts, walls, floor and ceiling of the establishment.

Before the restaurant could reopen, the owner had to undertake and diligently pursue the completion of several work-related changes, such as working with a licensed pest control company to implement and maintain an integrated pest management program.

There were also several safety and cleanliness changes to be made before reopening, such as not allowing trash, food or debris to accumulate in a way that would make it easier to harbor or breed pests or vermin.

Current order status on the AHS website is inactive, which means it is “is no longer in effect as necessary repairs have been made.”

Dished was able to reach the property that commented on the closure.

“Until these unfortunate incidents – which originated outside of our space and control – we have consistently passed health inspections,” Tres Carnales told Dished in an email.

“Working with Alberta Health Services and third-party professionals, these issues are resolved quickly and to exacting standards.”

“We take these issues seriously because our community and customers rely on us for excellence. Our dreams and our livelihoods are tied to their loyalty and trust in us.

“Deep cleaning, fumigation treatments and repairs have been completed on our end since we closed last week.”

“We have diligently resolved every issue reported by AHS and Control Services and will continue to do whatever it takes to prevent issues and return our business to the best version of itself,” the restaurant added. .

“We aim to reopen on Friday and are grateful for the patience and understanding shared.”

Tres Carnales Taqueria

Address: 10119 100A Street NW, Edmonton


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