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Santa Ana, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Santa Ana, Calif. —

A mental health treatment center based in Santa Ana, Calif., TRUST Socal offers mental health services, including dual diagnosis treatment for residents nationwide. Located in sunny Orange County, TRUST Socal’s medical team sees a growing number of people in their hometown struggling with mental health issues ranging from anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness and despair. After the Covid-19 closures, it is widely believed that the isolation that has occurred has caused an increase in new mental health problems. For people struggling with mental health and addiction issues, known as dual diagnosis, the past few years have been particularly difficult.

Mental health issues, also known as psychiatric disorders, are common when people are isolated. In fact, it can often run in families. Depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are some of the most common conditions and often interfere with a person’s daily life. Mental illness can interfere with a person’s thoughts and feelings, affecting their behaviors and making it difficult for them to function properly.

The medical team at TRUST Socal believe that good mental health treatment for these conditions can include a combination of psychotherapy, case management, support groups and the potential use of medication.

Psychotherapy is delivered by trained mental health professionals. Professionals can provide support as the patient learns to cope with their condition. Psychotherapy explores thoughts, behaviors and feelings, seeking to improve a person’s overall well-being. Medications are used to manage symptoms so that recovery is more comfortable for the patient. Although it does not directly cure mental illness, it is still essential to a full recovery plan.

All readers experiencing mental health issues in or around the Orange County area are encouraged to call TRUST Socal for help.


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