UAE health services are fully prepared for the volatile weather conditions expected in the eastern region


EHS called on all residents of the Eastern Region to communicate directly through the channels provided by the competent authorities in the event of dangerous situations requiring intervention and to follow best practices in the event of an emergency. EHS is also calling on residents to avoid dangerous areas that could see heavy water flow (due to predicted rains), such as valleys.

EHS also urged residents to avoid rumors and false information shared on social media aimed at causing “panic and chaos”, and asked people to refer only to reliable sources represented by state institutions and crisis management teams.

Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, Director General of EHS, said that the comprehensive strategy developed by EHS ensures preparedness for crises and emergencies, through proactive plans to deal with climatic and weather conditions. This is in addition to contingency planning in place at EHS hospitals and health centers in targeted areas. Additionally, Al Serkal said preparations are in place for public engagement to ensure open and ongoing communications to provide necessary care, support and assistance without delay.

He added that EHS has accelerated the pace of cooperation and communication with various authorities and strengthened data exchange mechanisms, facilitated the work of all teams and accelerated work efficiency. He underlined the importance of the central role that the public can play in the management of emergency weather situations, calling on all inhabitants of these areas to be prepared to implement measures that prevent property damage.


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