Wellness is a top priority with the latest Kampo health product from Tenergy Biotech Tenergy 24


Tenergy ensures that good health and well-being are always at your fingertips

TAIPEI, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan-based Tenergy Biotechan affiliate company of Tian I Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, created the world’s first Kampo health drink brand called Tenergy 24 to help consumers maintain their health and well-being more easily.

Although there is a stereotypical view of bitter-tasting Chinese medicine, Tenergy Biotech’s products are the very exception with 100% natural ingredients, created based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine to take care of different parts of the body.

Using the fundamental knowledge of Chinese Medicine, including the Five Viscera, Five Elements, and Five Flavors, Tenergy Biotech has created an easy-to-use preventative solution with Tenergy 24, made possible by the combination of Solar Term Pairing natural and the five elements. . As a patented product line, consumers only need to follow the simple instructions to improve their health.

Rather than being a difficult routine to fit into daily life, the creation of Tenergy 24 aims to make the whole process as easy as having a drink. In total, there are eight different flavors including licorice, bay leaf, roselle honey, perilla, blackberry, chrysanthemum, wheat, and black bean to choose from for a multitude of benefits.

No additional additives, only natural ingredients

Tenergy 24 is a pure plant-based concoction, with no dyes, essences, preservatives, heavy metals or additional plasticizers, is low in calories with zero caffeine and sugar, and can be consumed daily by all ages without becoming overwhelming.

“We believe that all-natural products are the best way to combat the growing health problems of modern life. Our slogan, ‘Drink Right, Live Right’, is based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine. We believe that drinking the right drinks and living the right way is the answer to a healthy lifestyle.Using such ingredients extracted and refined using traditional methods with no artificial or chemical components, and seasoned with herbs ensures that every bite you our customers enjoy is filled with natural delights,” shared the CEO of Tenergy Biotech, Chen Hui Chuan.

In general, Kampo drinks are used to help maintain digestive system function and, with the addition of other natural ingredients, can achieve other positive immune effects. For example, the use of perilla is able to positively reduce the side effects of contracting the COVID-19 virus, as reported by the National Institute for Research in Taiwan. Other benefits of the full line of Tenergy 24 include boosting overall immunity, calming nerves for better sleep, resistance to inflammation, source of antioxidants, and help with dry, red eyes.

“People always come first, and whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or any future challenges that lie ahead, Tenergy Biotech is always committed to helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves. As we continue to move forward, we hope to bring the world together and cultivate even healthier habits to avoid any health issues for the foreseeable future,” Chen Hui Chuansaid the CEO of Tenergy Biotech.

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About Tenergy Biotech

Tenergy Biotech was established in 2010, with the main objective of providing wellness foods based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine as a preventive treatment. Using the benefits of Chinese medicine and incorporating the concepts of the five viscera, five elements and five flavors alongside the natural solar terms, its products are natural, safe and suitable for consumers of all ages and different lifestyles. The company’s goal is to guide people to maintain mental and physical balance, prevent disease, and create health and happiness for all.

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