Your Health Your Healing brings holistic health services to Red Fox Market, Big Rapids


BIG RAPIDS – Jules Carpenter wants you to know that there are more options for improving your health than just making an appointment with the doctor.

A practitioner of naturopathic medicine, Carpenter’s experience includes working at her company Your Health Your Healing as a yoga instructor, Alchemy of Breath facilitator, level two reiki energy worker, and pediatric occupational therapist.

The services she provides focus on providing natural health practices to help with things like allergies, food sensitivities, respiratory health, immune system issues, vitality, hormone balance, help to anxiety and stress, sleep problems, weight management, cleansing and healing illnesses in the body.

Carpenter said she became interested in naturopathic medicine after her own health issues.

“I had a series of health issues as a young child and saw doctor after doctor,” Carpenter said. “I just left disappointed and still very sick, and spent years being sick until I met a naturopath, who was the first person to look at my whole picture and spend two hours with me. They put me on a nutritional plan and a herbal plan and different kinds of practices for my mental health, and I slowly started to get better and feel better.

After discovering the benefits of the practice, she began studying nutrition, health and wellness practices and started going to school to become a naturopathic doctor.

Carpenter said his goal is to educate people and help them take their power back and help them take their power back.

According to the Association of Naturopathic Physicians, these physicians are educated and trained at accredited naturopathic medical schools. They diagnose, prevent and treat acute and chronic illnesses to restore and establish optimal health by supporting the person’s inherent self-healing process.

Rather than simply suppressing symptoms, naturopathic physicians work to identify the underlying causes of the condition and develop personalized treatment plans to address them.

Carpenter’s expertise can help clients determine mineral and vitamin deficiencies, if there is any type of metal toxicity in the body, and set up nutritional programs.

She also specializes in breathing and somatic healing of trauma and emotional imbalances.

Carpenter said she was able to find areas of neuropathic medicine that she liked.

“I use and specialize in something called iridology, which is the study of the eye,” Carpenter said. “The eye study can actually tell you your predisposition to weakness, your current state of health, and what you have inherited as a predisposition to weakness. I focus on the areas we need to start addressing and then on where you clearly have privacy issues and how we can resolve them.
Carpenter’s iridology work often includes using a special machine to help analyze the eye.

“I see myself and my client as part of a team,” she added. “It’s a journey together. I am there to support, encourage, encourage and answer a client’s questions when the healing process seems daunting or seems impossible.


Carpenter currently works at Red Fox Market and studies with one of the naturopathic doctors who work there.

She explained that she chose to work in Big Rapids after having success with some initial clients.

“Coming here to a small town of Big Rapids, I live here in a country outside of Big Rapids and that’s been a game changer,” Carpenter said. “I see more and more people just being sick and tired of being sick and tired, not feeling well and not getting better despite seeing one specialist after another.”

Carpenter met many people who told him their stories in Big Rapids and said people were often “blown away” by what they learned.

During sessions with clients, the focus is on understanding how the systems of the body work and how they are all connected.

“I think Big Rapids is a great area because there’s a lot of access to agriculture here,” Carpenter said. “Access to cleaner food and people growing their own herbs, vegetables and fruits shows that there is interest. I think Big Rapids is coming, it’s a great place to start helping people who are skeptical or curious but want to feel better.

For Carpenter, working through Red Fox Market gave her access to non-invasive tools she might not have elsewhere.

Your Health Your Healing holds group sessions, normally once a month, and during one-on-one appointments, clients engage in a two-hour dialogue with Carpenter about their body and their experiences or issues.

Much of the initial focus of the first session is on what a client puts into their body in terms of food and drink, and how this affects their emotional and physical state.

“I get the chance to educate the client on all of this and then educate them on what foods or minerals and practices can best nurture them,” Carpenter said. “We start small; it’s not this huge one-shot program. My goal is for every client to walk away with a lot more information than they had before and for it to make sense. »

Carpenter has three more years of schooling to graduate and is currently taking classes at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mount Pleasant.

She said working with clients while studying helps her broaden her knowledge and allows her to better help them in many ways, and she thinks working hands-on with people is one of the best teachers.

Going forward, Carpenter hopes to continue meeting new clients and improving her skills through the monthly classes she teaches.

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