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Common Cold Home Remedies - Get Rid of Common Cold

The common cold is a contagious illness that can be caused by a number of different types of viruses. Symptoms include sneezing , sniffling, runny nose, nasal congestion scratchy, sore, or phlegmy throat; coughing ; headache ; and tiredness. Unfortunately, if you're like most adults, you're likely to have a common cold two to four times a year. Children, especially preschoolers, may have a common cold as many as eight to 10 times annually. There are more than one hundred kinds of rhinoviruses. In the United States, colds account for more visits to the doctor than any other condition. These are also called "nose viruses", based on a Greek word "rhino" meaning nose. Children and their parents or caretakers are at a higher risk, possibly due to the high population density of schools and the fact that transmission to family members is highly efficient. Colds are highly contagious. Influenza is caused by various types of viruses and is a self limiting disease. resistant to all kinds of treatment. They most often spread when droplets of fluid that contain a cold virus are transferred by touch. These droplets may also be inhaled. Usually, it is a mild condition, recovery taking place within about a week. However, sometimes the same symptoms occur with other illnesses like influenz It is most common during the cold winter months and affects children and adults of all ages.

You may also have a sore throat, cough, headache, or other symptoms. Over 200 viruses can cause a cold. Because of the great number of viruses that can cause a cold, the body never builds up resistance against all of them.Different strains of these type of viruses cause epidemics. For this reason, colds are a frequent and recurring problem.Common Cold or influenza or coryza is one of most common seasonal disorders that afflict human beings. In fact, on average, preschool children have 9 colds a year; those in kindergarten, 12 colds a year; and adolescents and adults, 7 colds per year. The primary family of viruses that cause common colds in adults are the rhinoviruses. These viruses can also cause laryngitis or bronchitis by infecting either the larynx (the "voice box") or the bronchial tubes in the lungs. Infections are spread from one person to another, by hand-to-hand contact, or by a cough or sneeze that sprays many virus particles into the air. If symptoms of a common cold aren't improving in that time, see your doctor to make sure you don't have a bacterial infection in your lungs, sinuses or ears.

Herbal Medicines and Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

Lemon is the most important home remedy for common cold. Lemon juice increases body resistance decreases toxicity and reduces the duration of illness.

Garlic juice is an old and trusted home remedy for common cold. A few drops of garlic oil combined with a teaspoon of onion juice and diluted in a cup of water has been found to be very effective in the treatment of this problem.

Ginger tea or a teaspoon of ginger juice taken with equal quantity of honey brings great relief from common cold and fever.

A teaspoon of bitter gourd root paste, mixed with an equal quantity of honey or tulsi leaf juice given once every night acts as an excellent remedy for colds.

Lady finger is highly valuable in treating irritation of the throat and a persistent dry cough. Lady finger may be boiled and its steam may be inhaled to relieve throat irritation and a dry cough.

Half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder if taken with warm milk is quite helpful in this condition. In case of a runrung cold, smoke from the burning turmeric should be inhaled. It will increase the discharge from the nose and provide quick relief.

Tamarind pepper rasam (soup) is considered as an effective home remedy for common cold. The steaming hot rasam has a flushing effect and should be taken thrice daily. As one takes it, the nose and eyes water and the nasal blockage is cleared.

During the acute stage of colc,iwhen fever is present, the patient should abstain from all solid foods and only drink fruit and vegetable juices, diluted with water. It is advisable to avoid meat, fish, eggs, cheese and starchy foods.

Other useful measures in the treatment of a common cold are a mild sunbath, deep breathing, brisk walks in fresh air and a sound sleep.



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