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Piles Home Remedies - Get Rid of Piles

People sometimes think that piles (haemorrhoids) are like varicose veins of the legs (i.e. a single vein that has become swollen). Haemorrhoids are small, blood-filled swellings caused by dilated varicose veins . When this happens, the small blood vessels within the cushion become engorged with blood, so the cushion swells up. Piles or haemorrhoids is a chronic condition refractory to treatment. The disease is mainly due to varicosity of superior and inferior rectal veins. Piles can be internal or external. External piles are painful, but do not involve much of bleeding. On the contrary, internal piles witness the release of dark blood. Around half the population of the UK will have suffered from piles at some point. They are common in all age groups from mid-teens onwards and particularly common in pregnant women. They are used in construction where the ground level strata are too weak to support a building's weight. The piles are driven or bored into the ground until they reach a specified level or resistance sufficient to support the weight of the structure above. The affected tissue is rich in blood vessels and if the veins become dilated and swollen, they may then project into the anal canal and even out of the back passage (this is called prolapse) to form visible swellings. Some people describe them as varicose veins of the anus.

Piles are incredibly common at least 50 per cent or more of people are said to have a problem at some point with them. Initially, they are located just inside the anus (internal haemorrhoids) but can sometimes protrude (external haemorrhoids). When faeces are passed, the pile may be pushed further down the anal canal to the outside, and this is called a prolapsed pile. It is a condition in which inflammation takes place in the veins around the anus or lower rectum. These may be associated with pain, bleeding, itching and feeling as if a lump or bump is hanging down. Although most people think hemorrhoids are abnormal, they are present in everyone. It is only when the hemorrhoidal cushions enlarge that hemorrhoids can cause problems and be considered abnormal or a disease. Constipation and prolonged straining when using the toilet are thought to contribute to the formation of haemorrhoids by increasing the pressure in the veins.

Herbal Medicines and Natural Home Remedies for Piles

Dry figs are very useful for patients suffering from piles. Dry figs may be soaked in water and should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning as well as in the evening.

The seeds of the mango should be dried in the shade and powdered. This powder should be given in doses of about one and a half to two grams preferably with honey twice daily. This will prove to be very beneficial.

The fruit of jambul should be taken with salt every morning for two or three months. The use of this fruit will lead to a complete cure and save the user from bleeding piles for his entire life.

White radish is highly valuable in piles. 100 mg of grated radish mixed with a teaspoon of honey should be taken twice daily. This may also be taken in the form of juice with a pinch of salt. White radish well grounded into a paste in milk can also be applied over inflamed piles masses to relieve pain and swelling.

The juice of turnip along with a proper diet of raw fruits and vegetables is quite useful in this condition. For better results 50 ml of this juice should be mixed with equal quantites of juice of watercress. spinach and carrots.

The juice of the fresh leaves of bitter gourd mixed with a glass of buttermilk is helpful if taken eveIY morning. A paste of the roots of the bitter gourd plant can be applied over piles with beneficial results.

Half a teaspoonful of fresh ginger juice mixed with one teaspoonful of fresh lime juice and fresh mint juice and a tablespoonful of honey is an effective medicine for piles.

Onions are valuable in bleeding piles. Onion is also useful in the treatment of dIY piles. A crushed onion skinned and roasted. may be applied with beneficial results.

A thick gruel of rice mixed with a glass of buttermilk and a ripe banana given twice a day is a highly nutritious diet for a patient with piles.

Sesame seeds can be taken in the form of a decoction by boiling twenty grams of seeds in 500 ml of water till it is reduced by one-third or as sweetmeats ground to paste with water. They can be given with butter for bleeding piles.

The treatment of the basic cause namely chronic constipation is the only way to get rid of the trouble. The patient should have an all fruit diet at least for seven days. Thereafter he may adopt a diet of natural foods aimed at softening of stools. Exercise plays an important corrective role in this condition. Movements which exercise the abdominal muscles will improve circulation in the rectal and relieve congestion.








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