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Sunburn Home Remedies - Get Rid of Sunburn

Sunburn is a superficial reddening of skin that occurs when the skin is exposed to long hours of sunlight. It is usually seen in fair skinned people or those who have a deficiency of melanin pigment. Negroes do not suffer from this problem. Anyone who visits a beach, goes fishing, works in the yard, or simply is out in the sun can get sunburn. It reduces the stretchiness of the skin and can cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, as well as the formation of age spots. Deeper in the skin, it causes changes in the structure of cells, and increases the risk of skin cancers. Sunburn can easily be prevented through the use of sunscreen, clothing (and hats), and by limiting solar exposure, especially during the middle of the day. The only cure for skin burn is slow healing, although skin creams can help. At a cellular level, sunburn is associated with microscopic changes in the skin. Improper tanning bed use is also a source of sunburn. Although seldom fatal, sunburn can be disabling and cause quite a bit of discomfort. There is the formation of UV induced sunburn cells and a reduction in Langerhan cells and mast cells, which play an essential part of the body's immune defence system. Sunburn doesn't just happen in hot weather - reflection of light off the snow can also cause sunburn. Although a breeze, cloudy sky or swimming may make you feel cooler, the sunlight can still get through to damage your skin.

Sunburn is simply a burn or erythema (reddening) and oedema (swelling) on your skin from excessive exposure to the sun's rays, more specifically the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is emitted from the sun. A similar burn can be produced by overexposure to other sources of UV such as from tanning lamps, or occupationally, such as from welding arcs. Almost all of us will get sunburnt at least once in our lives, and about 5.6 million Australians get sunburnt each year. Sunburn can occur in less than 15 minutes and can take a few days or weeks to heal depending on the severity. Exposure to the sun during daily activities and play causes the most sun damage. Overexposure to sunlight before age 18 is most damaging to the skin. Skin that is red and painful and that swells up and blisters may mean deep skin layers and nerve endings have been damaged ( second-degree burn ). This type of sunburn is usually more painful and takes longer to heal. UV rays are strongest during summer months when the sun is directly overhead (normally between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.).

Herbal Medicines and Natural Home Remedies for Sunburn

Drink lots of water to counter the drying effect of sunburn.

Apply soothing compresses dipped in cold water or skimmed milk. An alternative to compresses-is a cold bath. Rub it and don't use excess of soap.

Add enough water to corn starch to make a paste apply directly' to sunburn.

Thin slices of raw cucumber or potato help to reduce inflammation. Apple slices may also work.







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